Thursday 2 July

See below our Program for Thursday 2 July, or browse trough the presentations given on Friday.

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Session 10K: Deltas – Saline
Location: Europe 2 (level 0)
O. Weiler, Deltares
08:45 h
Preventing Salt Intrusion Through Shipping Locks: Recent Innovations and Results From a Pilot Setup
(presentation slides: here)
R. Uittenbogaard, Deltares
09:00 h
Bubble Plume Towed in Salt-Stratified Water
(presentation slides: here)
R. Uittenbogaard, Deltares
09:30 h
Water – Air Bubble Screens Reducing Salt Intrusion Through Ship Locks
(presentation slides: here)
Location: Mississippi (level 1)
D. Roelvink, UNESCO IHE, Deltares
Predicting long waves and their coastal impacts
(presentation slides: here)
Session 12A: Sediment – Transport
Location: Mississippi (level 1)
S. Giri, Deltares
15:20 h
Numerical Modelling of River Dunes in the Waal Under Extreme Flood
(presentation slides: here)
Session 12D: IAHR/COPRI Long Wave Symposium [link]
Location: Antarctica (level 0)
Jacco Groeneweg, Deltares
14:55 h
SWAN’s underestimation of long wave penetration into coastal systems
(presentation slides: here)
A. van der Hout, Deltares
15:15 h
Long waves in intermediate depths and their influence on the design of nearshore terminals
(presentation slides: here)
Session 13B: River Engineering
Location: Amazon (level 1)
T. O’Mahoney, Deltares
17:15 h
Computational Fluid Dynamics of a Bubble Curtain for the Prevention of Salt Intrusion at Sea Locks
(presentation slides: here)
Session 13I: Engineering – Computational
Location: Oceania (level 0)
D. Kaste, Deltares
16:15 h
Development of a Numerical Model to Predict the Erosion of a Dike After the Failure of the Revetment Using Time Dependent Boundary Conditions
(presentation: here)
Session 13G: Environment – Impact
Location: Asia (level 0)
D. Stuparu, Deltares
16:15 h
Developing a Transport Model for Plastic Distribution in the North Sea
(presentation: here)
Session 13I: Extreme – LessonsDisaster
Location: North America (level 0)
E. Moerman, Deltares
Extreme Value Analysis in Typhoon Prone Areas: Case Study of the Pearl River Estuary
(presentation: here)