Friday 3 July

See below our Program for Friday, 3 July, or browse trough the (preliminary) program of the Delft Software Days (26 Oct – 6 Nov).

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Special Session 15D: Design of intake stations
Location: Africa (level 0)
S. Zwanenburg, Deltares
12:00 h
Discussion on the Acceptance Criteria for Physical Model Testing of Intake Pumping Stations
(presentation slides: here)
Session 15G: Environment – Ecohydraulic
Location: North America (level 0)
J. Dijkstra, Deltares
11:30 h
Sediment Transport and Underwater Light Climate Affected by Flexible Aquatic Vegetation
(presentation slides: here)
Session 16B: Sediment – Transport
Location: Mississippi (level 1)
A. Giardino, Deltares
14:00 h
Numerical and Physical Modelling of Different Nourishment Designs
(presentation slides: here)
B. Huisman, Deltares
14:15 h
Reshaping of Realistic Beach Nourishments Under High Angle Wave Conditions